Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jon Edwards has nothing on this...

Yesterday morning, my father-in-law's brother passed away. He has been ill for quite some time, and was residing in a hospice care facility.
On the previous Saturday, his family was gathered in his room, and his 4 year old granddaughter was coloring over in the corner. One of the family members asked if he could help her color. She said "No, Grandpa's angel is helping me." The person said "What?" and the little girl said "Grandpa's angel is helping me, but they're not going to take him until Tuesday."
He passed away at 12:30am on Tuesday morning.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Good times... no, really, they're actually good!

It's been a pretty good couple weeks. About a week and a half ago, I pulled together a fundraiser to help a local group with their goal to raise $10,000 for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. It was a Pink Pancake Feed and Purse Auction. And it went well. Much better than I had hoped for. People really came through with donating purses, that were like little clown-cars with great things inside, and then closed up tight, so that folks had to bid on the bag and hope there was something great inside. With the 12 or so silent auction and 8 live auction purses, we made around $1200 and another $300 or so on the food. It was quite a delightful surprise and I had some really good help, although I put in a 10 hour day for myself. And my super hot auctioneer did a great job, as usual.
The next day I relaxed and continued crafting away, in preparation for the craft fair. I made my "big piece" which included a clay Cougar head. I snapped a picture of it with my phone, and when I was showing my husband on Sunday at the local bowling alley, our friend asked how much I wanted for it. I sheepishly told him, still being concerned that I might not sell my wares, and he said "I'll give you that right now for it". WHAAA? I asked him if he didn't want to see it in person first, and he said no, that his wife would love it for Christmas. I was even more excited, because it's all crimson and grey (obviously playing to my crowd) and she works in the Athletic Dept. So, my hope is that others are intrigued and would like to have one, also. I was flying high... I sold my first piece less than 24 hours after I made it AND before the craft fair! Woo hoo!
This last Saturday was the craft fair, and even though I was very happy about the money I already had in my pocket, was still a little nervous. But I did well. Really well. Like I-didn't-come-home-with-much well. And my mom, whom I shared a table with, did really well, too! And I got to hang out with my mom all day! Win-Win! I have money to put back into more crafts, and some in the bank, and money to play with during Homecoming this weekend! I wasn't even grumpy after shopping yesterday and coming home with nothing. And now, I'm pretty stress free until the holidays show up. This is a pretty nice feeling. I hope it sticks around.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stuff on the brain

1. I hate waiting for the doctor's office to call. It doesn't matter if it's something major ("your pre-cervical cancer state is not advancing") or minor (i.e. "congratulations your cholesterol has not sky-rocketed despite your best efforts"). Both of these situations which I'm currently waiting to hear word on. Because, it appears, that my doctor is incapable of returning calls on her own and needs me to first do an initial reminder call trying to track her down (which never works) and leaving a phone number (which she never tries first). So then I call the next morning, after I've missed a random 6:30pm call to my home phone, to find out that she's not in the office today... after she was gone last week on vacation which she failed to mention in the sentence that started with "I'll call you with the results..." And then I sit with my cell phone on my desk all day, packing it to the bathroom with me, and hoping that's not actually the moment that she calls. In summary: argh.

2. I get so darned excited to do fundraisers and then when it comes down to crunch time, I just want them to be over with. Because they keep me awake at night with dumb things, such as "what am I going to use for centerpieces now that I can't find what I'd planned on?", "is all my help going to show up?", "what if no one comes?" All of which are things that absolutely cannot be solved at 2am when I've let the dog out for the 3rd time.

3. I like my community service stuff. I like helping people. And I'm pretty proud of the fact that I just won the state Moose association female community service volunteer of the year. I'm not looking for recognition for the things that I do, but I'm not necessarily disappointed when a surprise like that shows up.

4. Craft fair. I'm doing my first craft fair on October 16th. It's at the Moose, so I have plenty of concerns that we won't sell all of the tables, although we're doing pretty good, and then I'm worried that we won't have a lot of people come through. I'd love to have people come through, but I'm so excited about the idea of sitting at a table all day, relaxing and sharing space with my mom, hanging out with people that I like, that I don't care too much. I've been a little bit stressed about trying to pull enough items together to have a decent collection to sell, but gosh, being "forced" to craft every night hasn't exactly been painful. And I'm trying not to think at all about whether I'll sell anything. Because that's where my heart starts beating fast... what if no one likes what I made? I hate watching people look over my products, so this is going to be difficult to endur. I'm trying to keep in mind that everyone likes different things, and I like what I made, so someone else probably will to. If not, I have a whole lot of new jewelry. :)

5. Once this week's fundraising shenanigans and the craft fair are over, I'm more than likely going to get sick, but more importantly, I'm going to Cheney the following weekend for Homecoming. Which has become my annual getaway event. There will be no ex's to uncomfortably hang out with this year. Which is good, and bad, because I rarely pay for a drink when he's around. Which is awesome, because he owes me at least that. This year "the fraternity" has other commitments, so it's just going to be the BFF and our other roommate, whom I haven't seen in at least 15 years. Going to be interesting. But it will be relaxing, and I could really use that. And I miss my BFF. I like being around friends that I don't have to say anything to when I want them to glance over at the girl wearing the fluffy white boots in the middle of a redneck college town. For instance.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm how old?!?

I just realized yesterday that next year will be 20 year high school reunion. Oh. my. god. As someone who was not a fan of high school, as previously discussed, this has brought forth a whole new batch of insecurities. How skinny can I get in one year? How many interesting things can I do in the next year to discuss during that one weekend? Ridiculous, I know. But I've been thinking about it non-stop, as if it's this coming weekend.
I must say... thank god for Facebook. It really has helped me built a comfort level with some of these people that I haven't seen in years. I'm almost looking more forward to this event than not. Which is saying a lot for me. So what I'm really going to work on is not being so damn insecure. I'm going to spend the next year creeping out of my shell and doing some things that are outside my comfort zone. Things that are nothing to the general public, but that make my heart beat faster. Even adding someone on Facebook that I know pretty well, but don't see all the time, is hard for me. How dumb is that? Okay. I can do this. *Sigh*
But, really.... how should I wear my hair?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dancin' Shoes

Confession: I don't have any of those embarassing prom pictures. Why? Because I didn't go to prom.
Each year at this time, I think about prom a lot. Obviously, because it's EVERYWHERE. I always start by thinking "oh, how fun" with all those beautiful dresses and gorgeous shoes and hair appointments, and this slowly morphs into a very, very minute depression over the whole thing. I don't know if it's really prom that makes me sad or the whole high school flashback. I didn't enjoy high school. Oh, there were moments, mind you. But overrall... no, thank you. I think the only time I was ever really involved in high school like a normal kid was during sport seasons. The rest of the time I was just sort of floating over the whole scene, watching was happening around me. Because of this, I wasn't super popular or outgoing... thinks that help you get asked to prom. I came VERY close my senior year asking a freshman to go with me. But I couldn't muster the strength to ask, and certainly couldn't have handled being shot down. (One of my good friends now actually dated the guy in high school, and I'm quite certain I would have been shot down. Close call.)
So, now what? Are all these adult black tie events the extension of proms in adulthood? Is that why they're so popular? Or do the people that went to a lot of dances actually hate these because they've been to so many of them? Or they love them because they get to re-live the glory days? I don't know. In college, I once talked my boyfriend into doing something a normal couple would do, and we were supposed to go to the college Tolo. He told me two days before that he couldn't go. I still have the dress. It still has the tags on it. I'm currently too fat for it, but here's the plan: I won't be for long. My intention is to fit into that dress, go have my hair done and make my husband take me out. I might even have my picture taken in front of a balloon arch. I'll be sure to post the picture.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Feelin' fine, Feelin' crafty...

So... this is totally fun: Paper Pals, the local, AMAZING, scrapbooking store is having a blog hop to celebrate the publishing of one of their very own design team members in the February issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. (What an honor for her!)
This is what you do: start here and visit each of the blogs by 8 pm PST on Monday, January 25. Leave a comment and have a chance to win their personal giveaway. Awesome. Good luck!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Feelin' sassy

I did it. I joined a gym yesterday. AND I used it this morning. Uh huh, that's right. I got up at 5:00am to go exercise. A little treadmill, a little weights. And when I got done, I used their tanning bed. And then I drove myself home with a giant smile. Because I did it. I started what I hope to be a new lifestyle. And hopefully a newer, svelter me.
Oh, and the tanning? That's not going to be a regular occurrence. Because I'm aware of it's hazards. But I'm also aware of the hazard that awaits me if I don't do some pre-tanning before my trip at the end of the month. A 3rd degree burn across my entire body is slightly more hazardous than 10 minutes here and there. My trip? Oh, well... I'm going to THE BAHAMAS. :)